Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting Started With Android: Part2 - Hello World

In this part I show you how to create a project and to start it either in the emulator or on your phone.

Click on the new button in the upper left corner.

In the next dialog choose the 'Android Project' wizard.

Now you have to give the Project a name. If you want to use the package name like I do usually, have a look at the Activity name. It is automaticaly derived from the project name but with the first letter in high case.  will get
Fix it by hand or don't use the package as the project name.

The resulting project structure looks like the following picture. I will tell you later about it.

Hit the debugg or run button.

The emulator starts. 

Drag the locker icon to the right. The screen shows your hello world app.

Viola your are done.

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