Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting Started With Android: Part0 - Why

As a java programmer Android is the ultimate platform to develop applications.
It is component based with the ability to reuse lot of stuff one self or other people created.
After desktop application, that are restricted to one place, came the web 2.0 where you can use applications everywhere in the world with an existing computer and Internet connection and finally comes mobile processing power virtually everywhere in your hand.
There are a lot of sensors with standard APIs to interface with like a camera, compass, accelerometer, orientation, …
If you intend to sell an application, put your App into the Market with a minimum of effort and reach million of people.

The downside is the not so well documented API that gives you headaches for simple things like making the options menu dynamic or using the grapics interface to map touch inputs to scaled or translated objects you draw onto a canvas. The list goes on.

To share the fun and the tricks I have learned is the reason for this tutorial.

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