Friday, October 21, 2011

Generating Traffic For Your Blog

I have my blog for nearly two month now. My statistics show me 500 page views whats nice. But when I look at the traffic sources 80% comes from stackoverflow where I postet some links to some of my postings. There is nearly no traffic from search engine requests.

The first good idea to find out what is happening is to look at this site:

This means only 26 of my 35 posts are actually indexed from google and the other two big search engines are unaware of me.

Search engine submission
Submit your blog to all search engines manually:

Sitemaps are xml documents that allows you to inform search engines which pages should get crawled. If you are using blogspot, the automatic generated sitemap contains only 26 of your most resent pages.
To get all of your postings indexed, submit your own sitemap.
This can be done in the google webmaster-tools.

Add your blog.
Go to 'website-configuration' and there to 'xml-sitemaps'.
Hit the button 'submit xml-sitemap'
In the dialog insert the following link to your atom feed.


If you got more than 500 pages add them subsequently in 500 blocks.


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